What is Dance 2 Fit?

Combine dance, plyometrics, tons of squats, and you get the calorie blasting workout that is Dance 2 Fit!  Dance 2 Fit was created by Jessica Bass and has quickly grown in the past few years. From touring, live stream classes, multiple studios in Knoxville Tennessee, 4 workout dvds, and now the ability to become a certified Dance 2 Fit instructor. Jessica's choreography caught my attention because it combines dance with traditional fitness. Part of the popularity of her class was the use of top 40 songs along with a viral video she made to the song Dark Horse by Katy Perry. Her routines are full of squats, lunges, burpees, tuck jumps, planks.. just to name a few, along with easy to follow and fun dance moves!! It was my privilege to share Jessica's program in Fairbanks, Alaska as a Dance 2 Fit Instructor in 2016-2017.  I now live in Cameron, North Carolina and I am thrilled to continue to teach this format in my new community.